Kefalonia Housekeeping is active in Kefalonia:

It pays special attention to staffing and for this it has cleaning supervisors, waitresses, waiters, cleaners while providing ecological cleaning materials and the necessary equipment.
Specializes in the field of professional cleaning. The company operates both in the Greek market, providing services that cover the entire range of cleaning. The company operates in Kefalonia, providing services that cover the entire range of cleaning.

Why is housekeeping important?

The housekeeping department has a primary role in the operation of a property / house / villa, as it is related to the overall image, which includes the cleanliness and aesthetics of both the rooms and the common areas. The importance of housekeeping on the property / house / villa implies the comfortable stay of the customers, the cleanliness and the hygiene, the privacy, the safety and the elegance.

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Everyday chores

Includes daily cleaning and maintenance related to the normal use of the property / house / villa and the presence of guests in the rooms and public areas.
Every day, the Executive / Assistant Housekeeper plans a work plan after taking into account the completeness information received from the property / house / villa management.
The daily activities of the waiters are supported by the supervisors and include a series of tasks:

  • tidy rooms
  • sorting sheets
  • renewal of consumables
  • confirmation of equipment operation
  • communication of possible critical situations
  • Turndown Service

Extraordinary Work

Extraordinary functions include the use of special information systems provided to staff to ensure continuous contact between the team and the property / house / villa management.

Thus, all information can be circulated quickly, ensuring a consistently meticulous and efficient service.

They also represent an essential support for the proper inclusion of the services provided.

Extraordinary work is carried out with variable frequency and includes special cleaning and maintenance activities, regardless of the fullness of visitors.

This category of work can be planned at regular intervals or come from a special request (on request) from the address of the property / house / villa.

  • Special work on various types of floor surface – parquet, carpets, rugs, etc.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of various types of walls
  • Treatment of sensitive surfaces, washing of doors and windows
  • Disinfection of ventilation systems or air conditioning and heating systems
  • Washing and disinfecting armchairs, sofas and other upholstery
  • Dusting and washing of bright spots in public areas